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2017-11-2--17-46-56.jpegABOUT ME

Irene’s Travel Blog is one of the leading travel website in Singapore and has won multiple accolades through the years. The writer has a keen interest in sharing her travel experiences about the countries and cities that she travels to.

Born and raised in Singapore, the writer known for her first name ‘Irene’ is a 27-year-old humble and friendly lady who looks suprisingly way younger than her age. She thoroughly enjoys adventures, loves to hang out with like-minded friends with positive vides and is excited to share with her readers all the fun she had whilst overseas.

She is also an avid photographer, wanting to show the beauty of the world through the perspectives of her camera lens. Travel with Irene throughout Asia, Europe, and Australia as she photographs and documents the destination in Irene’s Travel Blog. She abides by her motto in life, “Work Hard, Play Harder”.

To know more about ‘Irene’, follow her on Instagram @Invinciblerene and for all advertising enquiries, you can email to tlli.90@gmail.com. If you were like to support her work, you can send ‘gratuity’, a gift of money to her PayPal.Me account @paypal.me/Tlli90.


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