Wonderful Day Filled With Incredible Scenery!

Yosemite National Park


Hello, my dear readers! I know it has been quite awhile since I have updated my blog…like about one month? I just came back from my most recent trip to Hong Kong and San Francisco. I am very lucky to have been rostered flights to Hong Kong-San Francisco in March and then in May again. Such flights are not easy to come by and more so to be rostered again in less than two months. Oh yes, I love the States! And I am planning to go on a two-week vacation to the States this year. I had wanted to go to Yosemite National Park on my last visit in March but I was kinda lazy to go and I did not have any travel companion! But I was so inspired by my two flying friends Sophia and Simna who visited Yosemite on a tour alone. If they can do it alone, I also can do it right? And I booked a one day tour to Yosemite via biodiesel mini coach from Incredible Adventures which costs USD158.


There is complimentary pick up from any of the hotels in San Francisco city and my pick up came at 7am. I was really tired cos we had only touched down in San Francisco the night before at 9pm, having worked through a 14 hours flight from Hong Kong. My body clock did not have enough time to adjust from the GMT+8 in Hong Kong to GMT-7 in San Francisco which is a freaking 15 hours difference. I was determined to sightsee even if I was walking around like a zombie. The 4 hours long drive to Yosemite was scenic and I enjoyed many incredible scenery along the way. I love scenic train/coach/car rides! Even though the rides can be long at times, I enjoy looking out on the beautiful window-framed scenery. A few of my memorable rides include the trip from Zurich to Lausanne, Milan to Venice, Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Sydney to Blue Mountains, Japan school trip and of cos this trip to Yosemite too!


This is one of the past fire activity that has happened in Yosemite. According to the tour guide, fire in Yosemite has many faces. Fire in Yosemite might not just be a negative force but it can also be beneficial to the forests. Natural-occuring fires allow the recycling of nutrients to the soil while reducing the amount of dead debris. This in turn helps in the sprouting and regrowth of plants.


After a long 4 hours drive, we finally arrived at this pit stop to take some photos. The mountain view is captivating and the clean mountain air is truly a breath of fresh air. It is like taking a break from everything to enjoy nature and its wonder.



I met a young Danish woman who is also traveling alone in this tour and she commented that there is no such nature landscape in Copenhagen but flat land. I was like….Singapore more pathetic leh!!  Oh man…tell me about it. Okay lah, we have Mount Faber, Bukit Timah, Bukit Merah, Bukit Batok, Red Hill…. HAHAHAHA…


This was our second pit stop El Captain to take photos. Beautiful!



The next pitstop is the Yosemite Falls. The best time to see waterfalls is Spring with the peak flow in May, where most of the snowmelt occurs.


This is the mini coach for the tour that we took which can sit around 14 pax.


After the tour, we stop near the base of Yosemite Falls where we were given about 4 hours of free time to explore Yosemite. I was quite lost so I just took my map and walked to the Lower Yosemite Fall Trail.


I wanted to take photos of the waterfalls but this adorable little girl came in front of me so I just took a snapshot of her.



My colleagues asked me if I have seen the Yogi Bear during my trip. The answer is a big NO. I guess I was not lucky enough to see these Black Bears. I have only seen Black-Tailed Deer and Squirrel which are commonly spotted in Yosemite.


There are a couple of day hikes you can do in Yosemite and of cos with the limited free time I had, I went for one of the easiest hike which is the Mirror Lake trail. You can take the free shuttle bus and stop at shuttle stop #17 and from the shuttle stop, there is a paved trail thats lead directly to Mirror Lake.



The water was calm, offering a beautiful reflections of the surrounding landscapes. I wish I had more time to enjoy the scenery and one day is definitely not enough to explore Yosemite.


Yosemite – Checked! It was yet another memorable trip…Till then! 🙂

The City Of Angels

Los Angeles, United States


I love flights to Los Angeles because the first trip that I did last year July was so great with super awesome company. It was not an easy feat to visit Grand Canyon and Las Vegas but we did it. It must be one of the best trips ever in my flying memories. This is my second time to Los Angeles and I am so glad that I have great company for this trip too. We rented a 7 seater SUV for one day and embarked on our road trip to visit the Hollywood Sign and Santa Monica.


We started our day with breakfast at IHOP (International House of Pancakes). IHOP offers different styles of pancakes such as chocolate chip, strawberry banana and new york cheesecake pancakes, etc but the original pancake is still my all-time favorite. There is also syrups of several different flavors like old fashioned, blueberry, strawberry and peanut pecan to choose from. If you like to have good, affordable and some big portion american breakfast, IHOP is the place!


I like to go out in a big group cos it means bigger fun! it feels more….Togetherness! The group includes Cassandra, Sulwyn, Rendy, Kelvin, Natalie and Gwen. The driver is none other than the “bitchy mama” in our group, Kelvin! I really appreciate the task of the driver cos it can be so tiring to drive on the road for the whole day. And of cos a road trip will never be possible without a driver. This bitchy mama didn’t allow anyone to sleep on the car cos he will bitch, bitch and bitch if he/she dares to doze off. I was constantly battling against the Zzz monster if not will kena bitch. Haha.. It was so tough because the time difference between Los Angeles and Singapore is freaking 15 hours. While I was having my breakfast in the States, everyone in Singapore is snoozing away. Poor thing, right?


Our first stop was the Hollywood Walk of Frame. Heehee.. I am so thick skinned to put my name on the star. Lol!


Guess who I met in Hollywood? Jack Sparrow! 


Our next stop was the Hollywood Sign. I have finally seen the famous Hollywood Sign and not in movies!


And…Of cos we had to take a group shot with the iconic Hollywood Sign!




We had to take jump shots too! Woah!


Do we look like a girls’ group in this picture? Haha..



Our last stop was Santa Monica.


We then went our own way to walk around the shopping districts. The weather was pleasant and it was a nice walk around the city.


When dusk fell, it was time to say goodbye to Santa Monica and we headed back to the hotel. An awesome trip! And I look forward to the next one… Till then… 🙂

Bike the Golden Gate Bridge!

San Francisco, United States 

Me @ Golden Gate Bridge

It was more than a year ago that I was last here, but it feels nostalgic to visit San Francisco again. It was a great trip this time but there was a tinge of sadness.. Perhaps it was on my last trip that I found out how harsh and tough reality can be. I was terribly homesick on my last trip. I shall not elaborate about it but it makes me realize that I can’t be living like a little girl anymore. I will be officially turning 23 in three more months. *OMG* Isn’t it amazing how time flies? It may seem that I am enjoying my life traveling around but loneliness can be overwhelming at times especially when I fall sick overseas. Whenever I am feeling down, I will read my blog and I am amazed by the number of places that I have been too. I still have a burning passion for travel and I want to travel and see the world as much as I can.

Bym, Travis, Jamie & Me

I con convince the rest to join me on a cycling trip to Golden Gate Bridge and Sausalito. I felt quite bad cos everyone had terrible muscle aches for the next few days after our cycling trip. We were ridiculously burned trying our best to cycle up San Francisco’s famous steep hills.


We rented our bicycles from Blazzing Saddles at Pier 41 in Fisherman’s Wharf. We chose the “deluxe comfort bike” and each bike costs USD36 for the one day rental. But trust me, you will want to get the electric bikes which cost a little bit more (USD69/Day). We overestimated our abilities and the famous San Francisco’s famous steep hills proved to be too physically taunting for us. Most of the times when we reach the foot of the slopes, we had to get off and push our bikes up hills. My stamina is not as good as before and this is a wake-up call to hit the gym more often!


Paperworks settled, got our bikes and OFF WE GO~


It took us 4 hours to reach our final destination Sausalito as we kept stopping to take photos.


Took a few jump shots…



…..And some funny and lame shots. Jamie was so engrossed “kicking” me that her shoes fly off. Lucky it didn’t hit my face! *Phew*


Nice cool weather & Beach – a good combination to enjoy a great weekend!

Golden Gate Bridge


Even though it was tiring, cycling across the Golden Gate Bridge was a great experience.



Where Sky and Ocean Merge…

The view of the Pacific Ocean was spectacular. It had a calming effect on me and it was a beautiful sight to behold.



All of us felt a sense of satisfaction when we finally reached the other side of the bridge, Golden Gate Park National Recreation Area. It was an easy downhill ride to Sausalito.


While on our way to Sausalito, we stopped by at this pier to take some photos. Managed to capture this nice little bird posing for me. 🙂


We met this very nice and friendly local couple on the pier and we had a brief chat with them.


They caught this whole bucket of dungeness crab. I like this kind of lifestyle…taking time off…just chillax and enjoy… Lifestyle in Singapore is too stressful and I doubt we can enjoy such life and not even in the near future.


We cycled a few more steep slopes before reaching Sausalito and we took the last ferry back. It was too tiring and impossible to cycle back with the amount of energy left. It was invigorating but the beautiful sights along the trip made it all worthwhile. It is a trip you have to do it and you won’t regret it!  🙂

Better The Second Time Around!! Part 2

New York, United States 


On the second day, my friend Pei Yu brought me to Chinatown to have hong kong style breakfast.

Big Wong King Restaurant

She is a foodie lover and she found this restaurant through Yelp. I felt like I was in Hong Kong as soon as I step in. No frills, cheap and delicious chinese food!

Congee with century egg

We ordered congee with century egg. This bowl of congee with century egg is really good and it brought me back my childhood memories. It has been long since I had such a good and comforting bowl of congee with century egg. My childhood favorite! When I was a little girl, my family would go to Fortunate Restaurant at Toa Payoh and one of the dishes that we always order is congee with century egg. More than 10 years ago, they serve old school push cart dim sum and the restaurant is always crowded during weekends. They stop serving push cart dim sum, the standard drop over the years and it is now taken over by another restaurant brand. 😦

You tiao
Chee cheong fun

Chee cheong fun was a little too thick and dry.

Roast duck noodle

Another must-order dish is roast duck noodle! The roast duck was flavorful and wonderfully tender. Slurps!

American Museum of Natural History

It was raining so we decided to stay indoor and visit the American Museum of Natural History. This is where the movie Night At The Museum was filmed!


We used my student card to get the student tickets. I graduated from poly two years ago but hey, I am still young to look like student right? :p


I will just show some photos I took from the museum..






The only thing I can remember about the movie is DUM DUM.

“Dum-dum, gimme gum-gum!”



We went to this Vietnamese restaurant (I can’t remember the name anymore) for dinner which Pei Yu found it through Yelp too.

Vietnamese Sugar Cane Grilled Pork Skewers

THIS IS A SUPER AWESOME DISH. You can chew the sugar cane and suck the sweet juice after the grilled pork. Yums…yums…YUMS!

Pork and Noodle Soup
Hot Chocolate

She has cravings for western style breakfast and we went to this random restaurant the next day.

Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon

I was disappointed with the food on my last New York trip because we went to the wrong place with the wrong recommendations. But with a little bit of patience, you will find an amazing number of good restaurants. Good Food = Satisfied Tummy = Happy Me 🙂

You can view my Part 1 post if you have missed it. 🙂

Better The Second Time Around!! Part 1

New York, United States 


I like this photo because it captures me at my natural state- makeup-less, excited, tired and yea, stoning… It is so me… always stoning away in my own world

Times Square

It is my second time to New York and it is better than my last trip in April which I got really sick. I was in good mood and health to enjoy the city this time around.


We had our lunch at Shake Shack and the queue is insane! The waiting time is at least 45 minutes to an hour.

When I’m shaken’ come on up to the shack!

The device will vibrate when your order is ready for collection.

Shroom Burger (Vegetarian) – Crisp-fried portobello mushroom filled with melted cheese

I had the Shroom Burger because all the non-vegetarian burgers are beef and I have stopped eating it. The burger was still damn good with cheddar cheese oozing out from the portobello mushroom. Slurps!

Sarah, Fleur & Me

Burgers, cheese fries and milkshakes! Lunch was sinful but very satisfying. Definitely not for the diet conscious.



We took a photo with christmas greetings at the starbucks outlet.

DSC_3489 Interesting street art
Christmas decorations
The world-famous christmas tree at Rockefeller Center

And yea, MUST TAKE photo with the most famous christmas tree in the world.


My camera makes the christmas tree looks very unflattering so I got this photo from the net. So… Can you imagine how is it like to countdown to Christmas in New York now? AWESOMEEEEE RIGHTTTTT….

Grandest Natural Wonder Of The World

The Crazy 5!

It was definitely an impromptu and crazy decision to visit Grand Canyon. We arrived in Los Angeles tired and weary after surviving a 11 hours flight from Narita. Without a plan and proper rest after flight, we headed out for our adventure to Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.

We rented a car for two days from Enterprise and we chose this red Toyota Corolla.

After a long 6 hours drive, we finally reached Las Vegas from Los Angeles. Stayed in Siena Suites for one night and it costs about USD80 for the two bedrooms suite. I would say that it is a really cheap and decent accommodation.

Good morning Vegas! This is the view from our suite. We booked our tour pretty last minute through phone from Scenic Tour. The duration of the whole tour is approximately 7 hours and costs around USD250 per person. This package also includes the charter flight from Scenic Airlines Terminal to Grand Canyon West and return.


We had our lunch from A&W. Oh, don’t you just love A&W root beer float and waffles with ice cream?


This is our boarding pass for the charter flight to Grand Canyon.
Juleen, Me, Jadyn, Devy and Christian
Our captain for the flight!
Christian, Juleen, Jadyn and Devy
Jadyn, Devy, Me and Juleen

This is my first time taking a charter flight. Even though I spend most of my time in the air, I was really nervous to take this small plane. The flight is really unstable and it feels like the plane will crash anytime soon. However, the view from above is really breathtaking and it is such a great experience.

Hoover Dam

Oh yeah! We conquered this 30 minutes bumpy flight together! 🙂

Our first stop was Eagle Point. It was named so for the landscape’s resemblance to an eagle. Are you able to spot the eagle?

I took a lot of courage to take this photo. I am really scared of heights and this is why I am sat down in this photo here.

Christian, Me, Juleen, Devy and Jadyn

The weather is so hot and dry and nothing beats having a big cup of coca cola with ice to quench one’s thirst! My coke comes free though :p

One of the highlights in Eagle Point is SkyWalk. We can’t bring in any mobile phones and cameras into the attraction but this is how SkyWalk looks. SCARY RIGHT? I was really scared that I have to drag everybody to walk with me and I did not dare to open my eyes at all.

But…but…I am so glad that I DID IT!

Our second stop was Guano Point.

Hey no! I am not the shortest in the group. I look so short because of the downward slope.

Christian, Me, Juleen, Jadyn and Devy

And…It was time to take the flight back to Las Vegas.


Togetherness! – Day 3, 4 & 5 in New York!

New York, United States 

Day 3 

Me @ Times Square

IT IS NEW YORK BABY! I have always wanted to come to New York cos I think this is one of the coolest cities in the world. It is just cool to me.

My first impression of New York is that the Americans are really proud of their country. They are so patriotic that you can find American flags everywhere in the city.

Excited first-timers to New York!
(From left to right) Julin, Lay Hui, Joan, Bee Peng, Chai Yean, Irene (Me), Tina, Yiiyin and Kent (the guy in the middle)

There are some new faces in the group who have joined us from Frankfurt to New York flight. This is our first time to New York and our first stop was Times Square! One of the places when I think of New York is Times Square! I just have this impression that Times Square is a very happening place and true enough, it is.

(From left to right) Yiiyin, Julin, Irene (Me), Bee Peng, Chai Yean, Joan, Lay Hui, Tina and Kent

The school buses are all in yellow color and it reminds me of the cartoon Magic School Bus in my childhood time.

We took the metro to Soho. According to Yiiyin’s friend who is studying in New York, Soho is a pretty good place to shop for US brands.


We did some shopping in Soho before going back to see the neon lights of Times Square at night.

Times Square at night!

Please don’t ask me why we kept doing this “extending our hands out” pose. Lol! New York has one of the best neon signs I have seen so far.

We passed by this building as we were walking back to our hotel. It looks pretty interesting with the foggy background.

– End of Day 3 –


Day 4

We started our day early with breakfast at Mcdonald’s. This breakfast is the best meal I had in New York. Eating out in New York is a nightmare for me cos most of the food are junk food and it tastes very salty.

Spamming photos on metro again!
Our tickets to Statue of Liberty!

Our first stop for the day was Statue of Liberty! How can you miss seeing the American icon Statue of Liberty when you are in New York!

At the ferry port!

The Statue of Liberty is located on the Liberty Island and a way to reach Statue of Liberty is to take a 10 minutes ferry from the ferry port in Battery Park.

Spamming photos on the ferry!
All the girls!
Statue of Liberty!

The Statue of Liberty was a gift of friendship from France and symbolizes a beautiful representation of freedom.

These photos are taken in two different occasions with the Statue of Liberty clone on my holiday trips to Taipei.

And hey, who knows I can see the real Statue of Liberty in New York a few years later? Sometimes, we may expect the unexpected twists and turns in life. I really feel blessed that I am able to do what I want and having fun traveling around the world at my age.

All the girls again!

Must take a jump shoot with one of the iconic landmarks in the world!

I like this photo! Nice jump! Nice timing!

Our second stop was 9/11 Memorial. I guess everyone of us will remember that over ten years ago on September 11 2001, the hijackers from the terrorism group Al-Qaeda crashed two planes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, killing nearly 3000 people. Both towers collapsed within two hours and some of us may still have vivid memories of people jumping out of the buildings to escape the flames.

The 9/11 Memorial is a national tribute of remembrance and honor to the people who are killed in the terror attacks of 9/11. The Memorial was officially opened on September 12 2011 to mark the 10th anniversary of the attacks.

This is one of the Memorial’s twin reflecting pools and it is the largest manmade waterfalls in the North America. The pools sit within where the Twin Towers once stood and the names of every person who died in the attacks are inscribed on the panels.

One World Trade Center

The One World Trade Center is being constructed in an effort to memorialize and rebuild after the original World Trade Center that was destroyed in the 9/11 attacks.

Survivor Tree

This is named the Survivor Tree in the 9/11 Memorial. It is a pear tree that miraculously survived the 9/11 attack and it is a testament to New York’s “ability to endure” and “unshakeable belief” in a brighter future.

Charging Bull

Our third stop was Wall Street and we saw the Charging Bull which is also referred to as the Wall Street Bull. It is a “Wall Street icon” symbolizing Wall street and the Financial District and some say that you have the nose, horn and testicles of the bull for good luck.

We got hungry so we take away the chicken rice from one of the street vendors. It is the cheapest meal I had in New York but still, it is too salty for my likings. American food is really salty and the salt is like machiam free.

Our fourth stop was the Brooklyn Bridge, another iconic landmark in New York.

New York Skyline

We then went to Times Square for more shopping before going back to the hotel. 🙂

– End of Day 4 –


Day 5

Disappointing breakfast

I met up with the girls to have American breakfast. I was hoping to have a good meal since the restaurant was recommended by the hotel’s concierge. I guess you can see how unappetizing the breakfast was. Pancakes were burnt and the scrambled eggs did not look and taste like scrambled eggs at all.

After the breakfast, I did not join the girls out and continued with my rest instead cos I was feeling really fatigued with the madness walking and time difference. My conclusion is that I will never be able to survive more than a week in New York. Food is very important to me and I really do not like junk and salty food. The lack of greenery and high-rise buildings built in such cramped conditions made me felt very suffocated and stressed. Nevertheless, it is still an exciting and cool experience for me to visit New York. 🙂

Stay tuned for the next post back to Frankfurt! If you have previous posts, you can click on the following links – Day 1 (Frankfurt) and Day 2 (Heidelberg).