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There are just days I do not know when I will have the desire to pack my luggage and start to travel again… and I really miss wearing my winter clothing. The weather right now in Singapore is killing me. I will teleport myself to Amsterdam now if I can to enjoy the cooler weather..

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City of Canals, Drugs and Sex

I was really excited when I know that I will be flying to Amsterdam! Amsterdam is one of my favorite destinations and I know everywhere is like my favorite destination right… I want to be everywhere, anywhere except than in Singapore. Don’t get me wrong, I love Singapore. Singapore is my homeland but the weather right now is killing me. Sometime I love…

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The Netherlands, The Land of Windmills – Part 2

Amsterdam, The Netherlands  Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands and it is also known as the “Venice of the North” for its canals which divide the city into 90 small islands linked together by 1500 bridges. Charming canals but I got lost a couple of times because of the confusing canals network and layout of the city. Canals and bicycles…

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