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Philip Island Natural Parks

Philip Island Natural Parks  May 2013 This award is presented Amess House Churchill Island Heritage Farm Philip Island Nature Parks In Recognition of the contribution it has made to restoration and conservation of a Heritage Place through specialist heritage trade skills  Welcome to our Kitchen Garden  Too many kolas. There are not enough trees in this area for the number of…

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Sydney with 3 Batchmates!

Sydney, Australia  I just came back from Sydney and I gonna make this a short and quick post. I have been to Sydney countless time and I have lost count on the number of times I have been here. It is winter now and winter in Australia isn’t as harsh as the winter in Europe. The weather makes it so…

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My 3rd time to Melbourne!

Melbourne, Australia I am going to sidetrack from posting about my graduation trip and blog about my recent trip to Melbourne. 😉 I have been to Melbourne for 3 times. The first time when I was here, we were gambling around with beer in our hands. Getting a little tipsy in the casino. Met a stranger who gave us money…

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