A Rainy day in Beautiful Bruges..

Bruges, Belgium


This is my first time to Belgium. Yeah! It has been pretty long since I visit a new destination. I had a flight to Amsterdam last week and I took this opportunity to travel to Belgium. I booked this one day tour to Bruges (Dutch: Brugge) by Keytours from the hotel which costs me 65euros (SGD106). The tour is only available on every Wednesday and Sunday.


Prior to the trip, I have never heard about Bruges and I have no idea that this beautiful city actually exists. Bruges is one of Europe’s best-preserved medieval cities and the historic city centre is a prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Bruges is also known as “Venice of the North” with its picturesque canals.


Entering the city gates, we first come to the Lake of Love with a whiteness of swans swimming about. The lake has a beautiful name but there is a tragic legend behind it.



The city of Bruges has a poor reputation for its weather and compared to other western European cities like London and Paris, the weather in Bruges is colder and more damp. Though it was already late May, the weather was cold, windy and rainy. The average temperate was about 10-12 degree Celsius. I was only wearing a thin jacket and I did not have an umbrella. SO COLD. There were a few elderly people in the tour group. They were walking with canes and despite the bad rainy weather, they continued with the tour and tried to catch up with the pace. Salute and respect!





The old style horse drawn carriages still run on the town’s streets. It is a great way to explore and learn about Bruges history though the old fashion way.


Another great way to explore Bruges is a boat trip on the Reie. The 30 minutes canal cruise only costs me 6.40euro and you can view the most important landmarks of Bruges. The boat driver also shares about the history of Bruges and tells funny anecdotes as we pass by some interesting architectures.



One of the things you DIE-DIE-MUST-BUY in Belgium is CHOCOLATE! Chocolate lovers will never want to leave Belgium because they make amazing chocolate. Of cos I bought a lot of chocolate back la! How to resist! I tried this hot chocolate with rum in one of the random cafes and it is so damn good. First, you need to stir the chocolate cube into the warm milk. After the chocolate is melted into the milk, you need to squeeze out the rum and then mix it. Chocolate and rum, a heavenly combination. Me love!


One of the famous landmarks in Bruges is its 13-century Belfry. It is 83 meters high and a climb of 366 steps will take you to the top to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and its surrounding countryside. I missed the last entry to the staircase to go to the top by 5 minutes cos I was grabbing a bite at the food stall outside the tower. I guess I was just not fated to enjoy the beautiful view.


Another landmark in Bruges is Church of Our Lady. The Church of Our Lady houses the Madonna and Child. The Madonna and Child is one of few of Michelangelo’s works to leave Italy during his lifetime.




Belgium – Another beautiful country conquered! 🙂

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