Invincible Irene



Hello World! Time flies, isn’t it…and it has been two weeks since I last update my blog. I know the last post on my Paris trip really freak people out and especially my friends. I am not exactly okay but I am still surviving so please do not worry for me, k? It will only make me feel worst and you can help me by treating me like I am normal. I am born on the magical Gemini-Cancer cusp and this link here described very well about me. Gemini-Cancer people are the first to express emotion in any given situation, they are the first to laugh and the first to tears. Yes, I have extreme emotions and I can be happy and carefree one moment then easily turn to vengeful or emotional. Oh well.. That’s Irene for you.


I might be still a baby girl at heart but I believe I am a woman who can take care of myself. I am not a rag doll and if you think I cannot pick myself up on my own, I am so gonna tell you that you are wrong. If you want to fix me, my advice is please go and fix yourself first before you come harass me. (Honesty is a very expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people.) I have let myself hit an all time low and I am ready to open myself to this world again. For a change, I went to have my hair colored brown. It is troublesome because I have to spray it black when needed and I have to wash my hair 4-5 times to remove the black spray. I might be taking a longer time in the shower but this is helping me to be more clear-headed. And yups, I love my gorgeous brown hair so it is worth it!


My lovely friends, I am sure you girls know that I am too egoistic to admit that I am listening to your advices. So you can see.. I actually went cycling in Frankfurt! I am trying to lead a healthier lifestyle now and stoping myself from indulging in the negative traits. I was kind of indulging in the pain but I know I need to put a stop before I bring further harm to my body. Emotionally, I am affected of course but as time passes, I am also beginning to sober up. I am seeing this as a blessing in disguise… Sometimes you just need a major depressive episode to stimulate you to do things you always wanted and stop procrastination.

Here are some things I have done..

  • Dye hair (Sick of boring and dull black hair so yeah!)
  • Full leg waxing (My legs feel so smooth now. Hee..)
  • Went for my much needed pedicure and manicure. I had my nails colored baby pink and not boring 50 shades of red.
  • Face threading (It was pain but still bearable)
  • Brazilian IPL (Not as painful as brazilian waxing which is good)
  • Went rollerblading for the first time alone! Had a clumsy fall but I picked myself up and continued to blade! Bravo!
  • Going for my Muay Thai trial lesson next month! (Getting myself a cool pair of boxing gloves and Muay Thai attire. Cool!)

Some more things that I want to do…

  • Sun tanning (Sick of looking fair. Lol.)
  • Eyelash extension 
  • Navel piercing 
  • Slim down and have a toner body (Eating more fruits and vegetables. Gonna exercise more too!)
  • Get my Class 2B license! (Enrolled for 5 years and I still haven’t got my bike license. Shame on me! I will start my lessons again in September)

….And of cos, the list is still growing.


Love is like magic, you are able to experience every emotion; happiness, frustration, pleasure and hurt.

I am already a 23 years old working adult but I am guilty of behaving like as if I am in my teenagehood. He has shielded me too much that I didn’t grow up in our (almost) 5 years of relationship. Whereas for him, he has transformed from a boy to a man, a businessman to be exact. He is moving forward while I am still living in the past. The way he treats me really hurts me… But I need to grow up and see beyond that. It is the time and this is the best time to learn how to grow up. Growing up is hard but it is essential. I am eagerly looking forward to see the new and improved me, and yup, Irene with a hotter body. Lolololl… :p


Nobody’s perfect. I have my shortcomings and I am mending it. If I expect him to be a perfect lover, I have to be one myself too. I was an independent and confident woman before I met him. Hopelessly in love with him that I forgot how to love myself anymore. I have lost myself too much in this relationship and I need to find myself back again. I am taking slowly step by step to heal myself. I can do it and I know I can.


Invincible, I am Invincible! InvincibleRene!

*abrupt end to my post* cos I am tired to continue

Till then, again.


A Random Day in Frankfurt With Fujifilm X100S.

Frankfurt, Germany 

Jessica, Me, Chloe & Cindy

This is my 4th time to Frankfurt. I would love to explore out of Frankfurt but the weather was such a bitch. The temperate was still below zero degree celsius even though it was mid of March. I visited Frankfurt in March last year and it was a pleasant weather to venture out to Heidelberg. Oh mannnn…Will spring ever come??

Jessica, Stella, Chloe & Cindy

We are the GENERATION-Y kids a.k.a the 90s strawberries (Strawberry Generation). The “Old School” Generation might have prejudices against us that we “bruise easily” like strawberries. Hey, we may look fragile or SYT (Sweet Young Things) but we are strong and independent. Alright…I am #justcomplaining


It was snowing heavily. I like to look at snow from my room’s window but I can’t tolerate the cold weather when I am outside.


We had a fun snowball fight and another reason that I love snow is we can build snowman! This must be the weirdest looking snowman I have ever built. It is a little out-of-shape but it still looks cute right? :p


The city of Frankfurt does not have many attractions (Please correct me if I am wrong) and so I visited the same places again. We went to Frankfurt Cathedral and Roemer Square.






Along the way to Roemer Square, we stopped by this toy shop and I had fun exploring my new love. Focusing is great and the camera takes nice close up shots. And…The best part is the Fujifilm X100S is user-friendly and easy to use for clueless DSLR users like me. I have frustrations with my Nikon D5100 because most of the photos I took are usually out of focus and the images are not very sharp. I know it is not the camera issue but problems with the user. Haha!



This is my favorite photo in the album. I like the bokeh effect. 🙂




Can you believe that this is a matchbox and they fit in all these small models into such a tiny box.





Our next stop was Eiserner Steg. There is many famous love lock bridges in the world and we should start this trend in Singapore too! The idea is for lovers to attach their padlocks to the bridge and throw the keys into the river to symbolize everlasting love.


We have our late lunch at this Italian restaurant which is beside our usual joint Mario & Lino. I like Mario & Lino but the food serve here are as good!


I attempted B&W photography and they were so nice to let me shoot them at work.


Flying dough.. Haha..



Anyone feeling hungry already? Hehe..

Togetherness! – Day 6 in Frankfurt!

Day 6

Frankfurt, Germany

This is the view from my hotel room, an interesting mix of old and new architecture.

(From left to right) Julin, Yiiyin, Bee Peng, Me and Chai Yean

I was really sick with high fever but I insisted on joining the girls to the Hong Kong bistro for lunch.

I was really glad to have a proper Asian meal after more than a week away from home.

This crispy duck dish was awesome!

Römer Square

Our first stop was Römer Square.

Statue of goddess Justitia
Eiserner Steg

Our next stop was Eiserner Steg, the love bridge. The idea is for lovers to attach their padlocks to the bridge and then they keys into river. There is also such love bridge found in Paris.

Love Padlocks

Failed attempt #1 – The love sign was out of my shape cos of me.

Failed Attempt #2 – I blocked my own face. Lol!

We were finally successful making triple love after 3 attempts. This photo also marks the end of our wonderful one week trip for our Frankfurt and New York flight. 🙂

If you have missed the previous posts, you can click on the following links – Day 1 (Frankfurt)Day 2 (Heidelberg), Day 3, 4 and 5 (New York).

Togetherness! – Day 1 in Frankfurt!

Frankfurt, Germany

Day 1

(From Left to Right) Bee Peng, Irene (Me), Julin, Adrian, Yiiyin, Lay Hui, Chai Yean, Jing Jing, Veron, Eileen, Charmaine

The reason why I have named the title “Togethernesss!” is because this is my first time sightseeing with such a big group overseas. A total of 11 of us which consists of 10 pretty ladies and a handsome hunk with awesome fun spent in Frankfurt and Heidelberg. Everyone is so spontaneous and agrees in one thing together. We eat together, shop together and sightsee together as a group – Togetherness! 🙂 And…This is really rare and I am so glad that this 9 days trip turned out so good!

Fried Calamari

The very first thing we will do after we touched down into a destination is to find food! We have at least one “crew joint” in each destination. You can be guaranteed a good decent meal in 99.9% of the crew joints. I have only been to one sucky crew joint so far and I will show you where is it on my later posts.

We shared the fried calamari as our starter. Yums!

Seafood Spaghetti (Spaghetti ai Frutti di Mare)

I had seafood spaghetti and it is called spaghetti ai frutti di mare in Italian. I love pasta! I like my seafood spaghetti with lots of tabasco, spicy oil and chili flakes!

I ordered a glass of Lambrusco. I am not a wine lover or neither am I knowledgeable about alcoholic beverages. I would classify myself as “just drink and try” drinker. My favorites would be Lambrusco and Moscato. Lambrusco is an Italian red wine with a sweet and slightly sparkling taste. Nice wine for ladies!


We shared the tiramisu for dessert. I like tiramisu but this is not the best tiramisu I have ever tried. I like tiramisu with really soft cakey layers and strong alcohol taste. Hard to find really good tiramisu! Nevertheless, I like having dessert at the end of the course. It completes the meal and rounds off nicely with a sweet satisfaction. I would say this is a pretty satisfied lunch! – Nice wine, nice starter, nice main course and nice desert! 🙂

All of us is figuring out how to buy the train ticket but we came to realize that most of the locals did not buy tickets at all.

Waiting for a train that will never come..

The funniest thing is we waited stupidly for the train in the opposite direction at the last stop when we were supposed to stay on in the train instead. Thus, the train went off without us and we boarded the next one.

We camwhored to kill time since we got to wait for the next train.

We went to the “town” (something like Orchard road in Singapore) as the girls wanted to buy long champ bags. I have no idea what is the name of this “town” cos I am just a “follower” in the group. Yiiyin is the “planner” and she is so much better than me in getting directions and reading maps. One of the best things about going out in a big group is you can just follow and leave the person who is good in directions to find the way. Heehee!

Colorful balloons
He can sell sausages anywhere he wants!
Random place in the "town"..

We went back early cos we had to wake up early to prepare for our trip to Heidelberg the next day. Stay tuned for the next post! 🙂