Grandest Natural Wonder Of The World

The Crazy 5!

It was definitely an impromptu and crazy decision to visit Grand Canyon. We arrived in Los Angeles tired and weary after surviving a 11 hours flight from Narita. Without a plan and proper rest after flight, we headed out for our adventure to Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.

We rented a car for two days from Enterprise and we chose this red Toyota Corolla.

After a long 6 hours drive, we finally reached Las Vegas from Los Angeles. Stayed in Siena Suites for one night and it costs about USD80 for the two bedrooms suite. I would say that it is a really cheap and decent accommodation.

Good morning Vegas! This is the view from our suite. We booked our tour pretty last minute through phone from Scenic Tour. The duration of the whole tour is approximately 7 hours and costs around USD250 per person. This package also includes the charter flight from Scenic Airlines Terminal to Grand Canyon West and return.


We had our lunch from A&W. Oh, don’t you just love A&W root beer float and waffles with ice cream?


This is our boarding pass for the charter flight to Grand Canyon.
Juleen, Me, Jadyn, Devy and Christian
Our captain for the flight!
Christian, Juleen, Jadyn and Devy
Jadyn, Devy, Me and Juleen

This is my first time taking a charter flight. Even though I spend most of my time in the air, I was really nervous to take this small plane. The flight is really unstable and it feels like the plane will crash anytime soon. However, the view from above is really breathtaking and it is such a great experience.

Hoover Dam

Oh yeah! We conquered this 30 minutes bumpy flight together! 🙂

Our first stop was Eagle Point. It was named so for the landscape’s resemblance to an eagle. Are you able to spot the eagle?

I took a lot of courage to take this photo. I am really scared of heights and this is why I am sat down in this photo here.

Christian, Me, Juleen, Devy and Jadyn

The weather is so hot and dry and nothing beats having a big cup of coca cola with ice to quench one’s thirst! My coke comes free though :p

One of the highlights in Eagle Point is SkyWalk. We can’t bring in any mobile phones and cameras into the attraction but this is how SkyWalk looks. SCARY RIGHT? I was really scared that I have to drag everybody to walk with me and I did not dare to open my eyes at all.

But…but…I am so glad that I DID IT!

Our second stop was Guano Point.

Hey no! I am not the shortest in the group. I look so short because of the downward slope.

Christian, Me, Juleen, Jadyn and Devy

And…It was time to take the flight back to Las Vegas.