The City Of Angels

Los Angeles, United States


I love flights to Los Angeles because the first trip that I did last year July was so great with super awesome company. It was not an easy feat to visit Grand Canyon and Las Vegas but we did it. It must be one of the best trips ever in my flying memories. This is my second time to Los Angeles and I am so glad that I have great company for this trip too. We rented a 7 seater SUV for one day and embarked on our road trip to visit the Hollywood Sign and Santa Monica.


We started our day with breakfast at IHOP (International House of Pancakes). IHOP offers different styles of pancakes such as chocolate chip, strawberry banana and new york cheesecake pancakes, etc but the original pancake is still my all-time favorite. There is also syrups of several different flavors like old fashioned, blueberry, strawberry and peanut pecan to choose from. If you like to have good, affordable and some big portion american breakfast, IHOP is the place!


I like to go out in a big group cos it means bigger fun! it feels more….Togetherness! The group includes Cassandra, Sulwyn, Rendy, Kelvin, Natalie and Gwen. The driver is none other than the “bitchy mama” in our group, Kelvin! I really appreciate the task of the driver cos it can be so tiring to drive on the road for the whole day. And of cos a road trip will never be possible without a driver. This bitchy mama didn’t allow anyone to sleep on the car cos he will bitch, bitch and bitch if he/she dares to doze off. I was constantly battling against the Zzz monster if not will kena bitch. Haha.. It was so tough because the time difference between Los Angeles and Singapore is freaking 15 hours. While I was having my breakfast in the States, everyone in Singapore is snoozing away. Poor thing, right?


Our first stop was the Hollywood Walk of Frame. Heehee.. I am so thick skinned to put my name on the star. Lol!


Guess who I met in Hollywood? Jack Sparrow! 


Our next stop was the Hollywood Sign. I have finally seen the famous Hollywood Sign and not in movies!


And…Of cos we had to take a group shot with the iconic Hollywood Sign!




We had to take jump shots too! Woah!


Do we look like a girls’ group in this picture? Haha..



Our last stop was Santa Monica.


We then went our own way to walk around the shopping districts. The weather was pleasant and it was a nice walk around the city.


When dusk fell, it was time to say goodbye to Santa Monica and we headed back to the hotel. An awesome trip! And I look forward to the next one… Till then… 🙂