My Date with Eiffel..


I have been to Paris many times and I think this trip is probably my 9th time to this city. 9 times to Paris and still counting….Wow! My first trip to Paris was almost 2 years ago and it was also my last flight of 2011. It was awesome cos I came back in time to celebrate New Year Countdown in Singapore. I had great company and we went to see Eiffel Tower glitter at night.

Here is a short 30 secs clip of Eiffel Tower sparkling. Shing-a-ling-a-ling Eiffel… The Eiffel Tower will glitter for 5 minutes on every hour after sunset. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Many would believe that Paris is the most romantic city in the world. Do you think so too? Personally, I did not think likewise. France is voted as the world’s rudest country for travelers. The french are very protective of their language and communication is a problem. They are rude, unfriendly and arrogant especially so when you don’t speak their language. The metro in Paris smells as stinky as always. Pickpocketing is common in Paris and yes, I almost got rob by two women who pretend to ask me for donations. So…Be careful of your belongings especially in crowded places.


I had very bad impression of Paris but I needed this escape badly to sort out my thoughts. My life feels like a mess and I am lost. I am emotionally drained and I have cried enough. I wanted to be alone cos I can’t find anyone whom I can really talk to. I don’t need any advice or sympathy or worst still, judgement. I don’t need anyone to judge me. I just need a good and sincere pair of listening ears or maybe a drinking pal. Lagi best! I am old enough to know what I am doing and what I need is just time to find my path. Please don’t ask me if I am okay cos I am NOT okay. There isn’t a need to tell me to cheer up, stay positive and etc. I don’t find that it is a sin to be upset cos I am just embracing my emotions. I can recover again sooner than you think I can. I am blogging down my emotions because I find that it will be easier for me to sort out my thoughts through writing.


I re-visited Eiffel Tower and I queued for many hours to go to the top. I know this is like a super romantic place but I just felt like seeing Eiffel Tower. It is not uncommon to see lovey-dovey couples locked in lengthy kisses but I was too lost in my own world to bother with it. I too wish I had my prince charming who wants to go to the top of Eiffel Tower with me but the reality is fairy tales do not exist. I thought I had found my prince charming and at one point, I really believed he was my future.


It was really crowded at the top of Eiffel Tower. There were all kinds of people and I was one of the very rare few who came to Eiffel Tower alone. It was really EMO or whatever you name it. I needed this time alone to discover myself and find my own voice. I want to find back my old self, the old Irene 5 years ago. Here is a quote I thought it is interesting to share…

“Don’t take my advice. Or anyone’s advice. Trust yourself. For good or for bad, happy or unhappy, it’s your life, and what you do with it has always been entirely up to you.” – Nicholas Sparks, The Best of Me

I believe the best advice is not to take any advice. Too much advice confuse me and I hate it when people tell me what to do. Please don’t tell me what to do cos I will oppose and do the opposite purposely. I guess I am kinda rebellious in a way…


I tucked away in a small corner alone, all by myself and stared blankly to the beautiful view of the city. I played a few of my favorite songs on loop and it was therapeutic to be alone. I enjoyed being myself, letting my thoughts and emotions run free. I am really sick of putting a fake smile on my face when I am upset. So let me be…let me have this right to be upset. I will open myself to this world again when I am ready.


And I looked down from the top of Eiffel Tower…There were so many people walking on the streets and I felt insignificant. I felt that my problems were so insignificant. There is so many things out there waiting for me to explore. I shouldn’t be enduring all these sorrows. I need a change and I will have the courage to change the things I can. When reality hits, fairy tales change from beautiful dreams to bad nightmares. It is time for me to wake up from this bad dream. Invincible, I am invincible. InvincibleRene!




It was a rare clear blue sky in Paris and I was really thankful for the good weather. I thought Paris must have hated me a lot cos it was always cold, wet and damp whenever I was here. This must be the first time I have seen these gorgeous clear blue skies in Paris. Merci beaucoup, Paris!


It was just me, myself and Eiffel. 

I lied down on the green grass patch, enjoying the cool weather and my beer while waiting for Eiffel Tower to light up at 10pm. I felt calm and extremely relaxed and I was so comfortable that I really felt like sleeping on these green grass patch till I woke up for the next brand new day.


Dear Eiffel, why are you so beautiful…

The Eiffel Tower looks ordinary during the day but it is a dazzling beauty when it is lit up at night. And I waited till 11pm to see Eiffel Tower sparkle for that 5 minutes. It was so beautiful and I really wish someone would propose to me under Eiffel Tower with a big fat diamond ring one day. *Dream on, Irene..* Nevertheless, I am really grateful for the wonderful weather Paris has given me to mend my broken soul. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Time will heal me I guess… Just me, myself and I. Till then.

Thank you Paris, I am beginning to fall in love with you. À bientôt Paris, je t’aime bien! ❤

My December Paris Trip…

Paris, France

It is a love hate affair with Paris. I fly to Paris more often than I take a train to Pasir Ris in one year. Lol! 7 times, yes, I have flown to Paris for 7 times and counting. I have been to most of the top 10 tourist attractions such as Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc De Triomphe, Seine River, Sacre-Coeur and of course the shopping districts. I used to learn french in school but I have forgotten everything. What a waste of effort… Sighs… 


I have been to the Louvre many times but this is my first time going into the museum. Thankfully I have my batch boy Desmond to accompany me and it also means I can entrust him to plan out the routes and find the directions. *Heehee…*


The entrance ticket costs 15 euros and please note that the museum is closed on every Tuesday to avoid any disappointment. It is best to go to the Louvre early and you will need at least half a day to explore the entire place. This museum is huge!


DSC_3290 The painter is trying to replicate the art piece..
Mona Lisa

And of course, the only reason why I want to visit the Louvre is to see the MONA LISA painting. *Been that, Done that* and it is finally cleared off from my to-do list.

Everyone wanna take a snapshot of the mona lisa painting


Front of the painting
Back of the painting




Many many enormous paintings in the Louvre…


Gabrielle d’Estrees and one of her sisters in the bath

I couldn’t resist taking a kinky photo with this painting. I find this painting pretty interesting and amusing. Why is she pinching her nipples? Lol!  Okie…. According to the website,

An oddly affectionate gesture

The models have been identified as Gabrielle d’Estrées (1571-99), the favorite of Henry IV (1553-1610), and one of her sisters: the Duchess de Villars or Madame de Balagny. The oddly affectionate way in which the sister is pinching Gabrielle d’Estrées’ right breast has often been taken as symbolizing the latter’s pregnancy with the illegitimate child of Henry IV. This interpretation would seem to be confirmed by the scene of the young woman sewing – perhaps preparing a layette for the coming child – in the background. The picture was acquired by the Louvre in 1937.

DSC_3367 The Louvre: Egyptian Section
DSC_3375 The louvre during medieval period
Christmas Market at La defense

It was christmas season and how can we miss going to christmas market to immerse in the festive moods.


Many food stalls


Nice chilled beer to have in such cold weather… 🙂

Oh…Paris…Till then again………

Paris in May!

Paris, France 

Day 1 

This is my third time to Paris and I have wanted to explore out of Paris but the weather was really bad. I decided not to take the risk of falling sick and stay in the capital instead. There is nothing much in this capital so I revisited the same attractions again.

Duck Confit

I had duck confit for lunch. It is a french dish and many restaurants in Paris serve this dish. This duck confit I had was disappointing cos the skin was soggy. The skin should be well-browned and crisp, meat is slowly cooked till meltingly tender with the right amount of fats.


This is my third time seeing the Notre-Dame and I finally have the chance to enter the cathedral.

I was lucky to witness the service in Notre-Dame and listening to the Great Organ playing in the cathedral was an absolutely amazing experience.

You can watch the short clip of the service in this video.

I love ice cream! The best thing about this shop is you can choose as many different flavors to fit into the cup. I chose pistachio, chocolate chips, tiramisu and nutella. If only the ice cream in Singapore is this good!


Day 2

The Louvre

I wanted to see the Mona Lisa painting but the museum is closed on every Tuesday.

Grand Palais
Petit Palais

The admission into Petit Palais is free and you find a collection of paintings and drawings here.

I decided to have my dinner at Bofinger which was highly recommended by a Parisian. I was really excited to be able to eat at one of the oldest Brasserie in Paris.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated and cozy.

This is one the nicest sweet white wine I had ever tried!

Foie Gras

I chose foie gras as my starter. Nice! Next time I will try their famous fresh oyster!

Pan fried salmon steak

Nicely cooked salmon steak! Nice sear on the outside and the inside is still tender and moist.

Warm chocolate cake

The warm chocolate cake is not really as good to my expectations. However, it is still and enjoyable dining experience from the start to finish. Fabulous food and excellent service at a reasonable price. I will definitely be back again!

Till then..I am going to Paris for my 4th time end of this month! Je t’aime Paris!