Best Friends Forever! – Phuket Day 2

Phuket, Thailand 

We set out for our Sea Kayaking Day tour on our second day in Phuket. 

We had the free breakfast buffet provided by the hotel. The mini bus from the tour company picked us up from the hotel. It was an hour long journey to the pier.

We departed from Ao Por Pier by boat to Phang Nga Bay.

Sunshine Girl No.1 – Thng Si Qi Lynette

Sunshine Girl No.2 with Sexy Back – Kang Meng Yong Cindy

Sunshine + “Demure” Girl No.3 – Tan Lok Ling Irene

Cindy and me reacting the Titanic scenes. “You Jump, I Jump”

Rocks that we see along the cruise. 

We arrived at the Bat Cave and the three of us shared the kayak with the guide.

It was complete darkness in the Bat Cave and all you can hear is the kayak paddling sound. It was really a horrifying experience for me cos the guide was so playful and kept rocking the kayak.

It was high tide and we wouldn’t pass through the entrance so we made a U-turn back.

This is our second stop after the Bat Cave and I am not too sure about the name of this place.

More view of the rocks.

I am the only one with the life vest on cos I am very “kiasi” despite that I know how to swim. Hahah!

We have the guide to help us take photos! 😉

Si Qi and the naughty guide.

The ceiling was very low and we had to fully lie down with our face up to pass through.

Very squeeze as well!

Our naughty and playful guide.

This is us posing in one of the dark caves.

We transferred to a smaller boat to get to the next island and I cannot remember the name of the island anymore.

Our helpful guide helping us to spam photos again.

Posing with the James Bonds Island behind us.

Me sitting on the tree branches.

We went on to the last island for swimming but I didn’t join my two girls to swim cos I was afraid of getting tanned. Sorry babes!

I took a photo with this sweet little girl from China on our way back. She is so pretty and sweet! She told us that she wants to have a Caucasian boyfriend when she grows older cos she likes their hairy hands. Lol! So cute! She even gave me a goodbye hug and told me that she gonna miss me before we parted. Awww.. So sweet right…

This is the end of our second day in Phuket and stay tuned for the next post! 😉

Best Friends Forever! – Phuket Day 1

Phuket, Thailand

I shall dedicate this post “Best Friends Forever” to my two BFF Cindy Kang Meng Yong and Thng Si Qi Lynette.

Our poly graduation means that the 3 of us will be going straight to the workforce and a graduation trip will be a great way to mark a memorable and awesome ending to school life.

We decided that a graduation trip (1 March – 6 March 2011) to Thailand (Phuket & Bangkok) will fit our travel budget. The destination is secondary cos most important of all, we will be together to enjoy each other’s company for the next 7 days!

Photo courtesy of Si Qi. All the images in the posts about our graduation trip are from her camera. Si Qi, thank you! 😉

We arrived at Phuket International Airport on 1 March 2011 via Jetstar Asia Flight. The air ticket costs SGD156 per person for the flight from Singapore to Phuket.

This is Si Qi and me lying on our comfy hotel bed. We stayed in this new hotel in Patong Beach which is called Alfresco Phuket Hotel. The hotel room is spacious, comfy and clean. There are also free WIFI and big TV in the room. I would highly recommend anyone going to Phuket to stay in this hotel as it is so value-for-money! According to my dear BFF Cindy Kang, you can get better deals through

We went to Jungceylon shopping mall, which is the largest mall in Patong Beach after settling down our luggage.

Tried the fish spa in the shopping mall. This is the photo of Cindy’s feet and she was the only one who enjoyed it.

You can see how Si Qi and me are so scared of the fishes. It is so disgusting cos the fishes are feeding on your dead skins. Cindy, you are really a champion man!

I also played the shooting game in the mall.

My score sheet that shows that I am a super lousy shooter.

We had pasta for lunch in the mall.

In the evening, we went to Rat U Thit Road shopping streets. Shopping in Phuket is over-priced as compared to Bangkok and the shop owners do not entertain bargaining.

Thai seafood meal for our dinner which wasn’t that splendid at all.

We had an interesting encounter on our way back to the hotel. There was this Caucasian man who suddenly stopped us in the middle of the road and offered us money. We were stunned for a moment and he kept asking us, “How much? How much?” It was pretty offensive but I guess prostitution is common in Thailand cos I saw many ang moh guy who have a companion with them.

This is the end of our day 1 spent in Phuket and stay tuned folks for the post on Phuket Day 2!