愛してる – Holidays in Tokyo (Day 5 Part 2)

Tokyo, Japan

This is a continued post from Day 5 Part 1 and you can read the previous posts from the following link – Day 1,  Day 2Day 3 and Day 4.

After our breakfast, we went to walk around Tsukiji Fish Market.

Live prawns!
Live octopus!
The man is killing the fish..
More seafood...

Take a look at the scallops…It is so HUGE!! How I wish the fish market in Singapore can sell such fresh and variety selection of seafood.

Inside the fish market..

I really love Tsukiji Fish Market! If the fish market in Singapore is as interesting as Tsukiji fish market, I will really love to become a full-time housewife and go to market everyday! Lol!

Next, we went to the Imperial Palace which is the main residence for the Emperor of Japan. I was hoping to see some impressive Japanese architecture but it seems that most of the buildings have already been removed. It is more like a park and entrance is free. Here are some of the photos that I have taken..

Say Hi! 🙂

After that, we end our day with a dinner at Shinjuku. We decided not to eat anymore sushi cos we went to keep the beautiful memories we had at Sushi-Dai.

Tsukemen dipping ramen

This is our we spent our holidays in Tokyo together and we flew back to Singapore the very next morning.

Love you boy! ❤

I enjoy traveling and even more so if I can travel with my boy. My wish is that we can leave everything behind in Singapore and travel around the world freely one day. I guess that’s our retirement plan! Our 6th overseas trip, till then! 🙂

愛してる – Holidays in Tokyo (Day 5 Part 1)

Tokyo, Japan

We are tired but very happy! 🙂

We woke up at 4am to prepare for our trip and took a cab from our hotel to Tsukiji Fish Market. Taking cab in Japan is very expensive and the 20 minutes ride costs us 5,000 Yen (SGD$75). We had no choice but to take cab because the registration for the tuna auction starts early at 5am.

First in the queue!

There are two visiting time for the tuna auction, 5:25am to 5:50am and 5:50am to 06:15am. We missed the first visiting time slot as the taxi driver dropped us off at the wrong place.

Police with siren on!

Can you spot the police car in the photo?  The police wanted to catch us for breaking the traffic rules and I had no ideas about it at all. Lol!

Me: “Wah.. 这里为什么会有警察车的?”

Boy: “警察是来捉我们的.”

Me: “哈哈,不要跟我开玩笑.”

Boy: “怎么办啊? 他们真的要来捉我们的.”

Me: “骗人的.”

I continued to ask the security guards about the tuna auction and the policemen were standing beside us puzzled that why we did not have any reactions. I think the policemen gave up on us cos of the communication barrier and we did not even acknowledge their presence.

We were afraid that we would be late for the registration cos it is based on a first-come, first-served basis and each auction is limited to 60 visitors. We were frantically searching for the registration booth and when I saw the booth, I was too excited and grabbed my boy to dash through the red lights. I was pretty sure it was green lights but boy said it wasn’t and we obstructed the traffic. The police switched on the car siren and turned into the minor road to catch us. I had no idea about it at all till my boy told me about it. Like oh-my-goodness? Why am I so blur?

Briefing room

The group of us was ushered into a room for a short briefing before the tuna auction starts.

Everyone was given a green vest to identify ourselves as “visitors”.

My boy was very happy to see the tuna auction cos his favorite sushi is tuna sushi. I was very happy also cos I have always wanted to visit Tsukiji Fish Market to catch the live tuna auction. It is one of the largest fish markets in the world and a mecca for sushi lovers!

Tuna Auction!!!
Buyers shining flashlights on the fish to inspect the quality
Huge tuna but there are bigger ones!

The guy standing on the box is the auctioneer and he will ring a cow bell to attract the buyers’ attention to gather around the auction. He will chant at lightning speed and the buyers will use hand signals to bid.

Happy Happy! 🙂

Here is a video of the tuna auction! Even though it was only a short visit of 15 minutes, it was certainly an eye-opener for us to have a truly authentic Japanese experience.

The security guard who kept rushing us to walk fast
Returning of the green vest, which marks the end of the tuna auction visit
Sushi Dai - the Holy Grail for sushi lovers!

Of cos, how can we miss coming to Tsukiji Fish Market without having sushi! The hotel’s concierge recommended this popular sushi restaurant (Sushi Dai) and told us to expect at least a few hours of waiting time. This is the ultimate holy grail for sushi lovers and you must definitely try it when you are here!

Long queue!

True enough, you can see the long queue and we waited for close to 3 hours under the cold and raining weather!

Set Menu

You got to choose the more expensive option Omakase Course (3,900 Yen) which the chef will choose the best choices of the day. Additionally, you can choose one extra nigiri item (i.e. fatty tuna, sea eel, sea urchin, shellfish, seasonal fish).

Hell and Heaven separated only by a wooden door!

It is HELL outside and HEAVEN inside. It is a torturing process waiting outside the restaurant peeping through the small windows looking at how these people inside the restaurant enjoying the sushi while we are standing outside enduring the cold and harsh weather! Look at the glow and smirk on their face! So irritating!

All the frustrations were gone as we were greeted by a sincere apology from this friendly and dedicated sushi chef. He was very nice and he kept saying “gomenasai” (meaning sorry) that we had to wait for so long. He was also very enthusiastic to make small talks with us and even show us how to eat each sushi.


We got the tamago first and it was served hot.

Sushi chef is preparing our favorite fatty tuna sushi!!!

Both of us got really excited when we saw the sushi chef was preparing our favorite fatty tuna (O-toro) sushi! He told us to eat the O-toro sushi with one bite.

O-toro (Fatty Tuna)

The whole piece just melts in your mouth. I immediately felt like I was in heaven and I close my eyes while chewing to appreciate the taste better. It was so mind-blowing that I felt that I was floating in happiness. Ultimate sushi! So good, so good!

This is the closest picture that I can find to show you the feelings that I had after eating the O-toro sushi.  Very touched, really.

Suzuki (Sea Bass)

Tai (Red Snapper)

Uni (Sea Urchin)

Sea urchin sushi, my another favorite! So fresh! So good! My second favorite sushi after o-toro sushi for this whole course. Slurps!!!

 Aji (Mackerel)

 Shiraebi (Baby Shrimp)

I think this is my first time having baby shrimp sushi. It leaves a fresh sweetness tingling in your mouth.

Magurozuke (Marinated Tuna)

Akagai (Red Clam)

It was served so fresh and the clam was still moving! What an experience for us!

Kajiki (Swordfish)

Tuna Roll

Unagi (Sea Eel) 

This got to be my third favorite for the course! I have never eaten unagi sushi that is this amazing and it is very different from the usual unagi sushi. The unagi was so soft that it melts in your mouth with the rice. What a unique sensation. My boy did not like unagi so he gave me his unagi sushi in exchange for my tuna roll. What a steal!

And of cos, we chose the O-TORO sushi for our last piece without a doubt.

And again, I felt like I was floating in happiness. SHIOK. SO SHIOK. Super SHIOK to start and end the course with our favorite o-toro sushi! THE BEST DAMN SUSHI WE EVER HAD IN OUR LIFE! What a lovely memory!

You can see the glow on our face! So SHIOK! So happy! This made our trip to Tokyo so worthwhile! We finally had the ultimate sushi experience! I have not eaten my favorite sushi for the past one month cos I do not want to destroy the beautiful and lovely memories that we had for sushi. This got to be one of best dining experience in my life! We really wanted to stay longer in the restaurant and order more but we felt sorry for the people standing outside in the cold. Happiness is meant to be shared, isn’t it?

I think this is a very important question for all sushi lover – WHERE is this sushi restaurant?!

Sushi Dai (寿司大)

6th building, Tsukiji Market, 5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Please also leave a reply if you know of any good sushi restaurants to recommend in Japan! Arigato gozaimasu!
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– End of Day 5 Part 1 –

愛してる – Holidays in Tokyo (Day 4)

Tokyo, Japan

Gloomy boy

We woke up late again on our fourth day and we went to Shinjuku for late lunch. My boy looks gloomy in this photo cos I forced him to eat something else other than sushi with me again. He has a cute reason for wanting to eat sushi only.

他说 : “喜欢吃 sushi 就是喜欢吃 sushi。就好像喜欢我一样不会喜欢别人。” 哈哈, 你说可爱不可爱? 🙂

Tsukemen dipping ramen

Both the thick broth and noodles were served cold which we did not like it at all. I think we will enjoy the dish if the dipping broth is served pipping hot. I kinda regretted not eating sushi with my boy after this terrible meal.

Akihabara Electric Town

Our next stop was Akihabara. Akihabara is famous for its electronics shops and it is also known as the Anime town where you can find many otaku (anime geeks) here.

We walked quite a bit and passed by at least three metro stations. We got hungry again so we went into this chinese restaurant to eat.

My boy is looking gloomy again cos we are not eating his favorite sushi.

Pan-fried buns

My boy is really good at this shooting game machine and I lost to him. I am only good at playing the Time Crisis 2 and I can finish the entire game with a token. 😉

Taken at a random attraction

My boy looks a little happier in this photo cos we had his favorite sushi!

Conveyor belt sushi
Enjoying sushi and beer!

We went back early to the hotel cos we had to wake up at 4am to prepare for our trip to Tsukiji Fish Market the next day. We take-away the sushi from the Standing Sushi Bar in Shinjuku and enjoyed it with our beer. We bought about 15 different cans of Japanese beer to try! We drink these Japanese beer well-chilled with lots of ice. Beri Shiok! 😉

– End of Day 4 –

愛してる – Holidays in Tokyo (Day 3)

Tokyo, Japan

The very first thing that we will do everyday is to find food or rather just sushi to fill our tummy. Our holidays to Japan is like a sushi pilgrimage to find the best sushi. We had eaten an incredible amount of sushi throughout the whole trip and you will also realize by now that most of the photos are sushi. 😉

Boy is savoring the miso soup

The miso soup in Japan is so much nicer than what we have in Singapore. The miso soup in Singapore tastes horrible and I suspect they use the instant noodle soup seasonings to cook it.

The sushi set that we have ordered 🙂
Close up view of Ikura Sushi

Ikura (Salmon Roe) sushi is one of my favorite sushi. 🙂

I was pretty full but my boy was still hungry so we went to search for another sushi’s restaurant to eat.

Conveyor belt sushi

I was so full so I just looked at my boy enjoying his sushi. 🙂

Our next stop was DisneySea! According to the hotel’s concierge, DisneySea is catered more for the adults whereas DisneyLand is for the children. We have been to the DisneyLand in Hong Kong so we decided to visit DisneySea instead.

At the Entrance

Beautiful Tulips
My lovely boy! 🙂

A nice staff who helped us to take this full-length photo. 🙂

My boy is so cute with the Donald Duck cap!!!
Minnie Mouse!
Mrs Incredible & Me!
Mr Incredible & My Boy!
Taken at the "port of call", Lost River Delta
Mayan Pyramid

A nice couple who helped us to take this photo! 🙂

Hee.. Cute! 🙂

You have to queue for all the attractions in DisneySea and the queue is insanely long. The minimum waiting time is 60 minutes! We did not have so much time and patience to queue under the cold weather. Thus, we watched this live theatrical performance Mystic Rhythms  which the waiting time was only about 20 minutes.

The show was pretty nice but we didn’t understand it cos the narration was in Japanese.

The entire casts of Mystic Rhythms


StormRider is the very first attraction that we tried. You can see the man in grey uniform in the photo explaining to us prior boarding about the huge storm that we will be flying through. It is like a stimulator ride which the chair will shake-shake and there will also be water spraying on you. The ride was not impressive at all.

Taken at the "port of call", Arabian Coast
Taken at the "port of call", Mermaid Lagoon
Taken at the "port of call", Mediterranean Harbor
Taken at the "port of call", American Waterfront

We have covered almost the whole DisneySea in a mad rush.Tokyo DisneySea is definitely a lot bigger than Hong Kong DisneyLand but we couldn’t understand the attractions cos it was all in Japanese. We missed some of the main attractions cos the waiting time was at least 100 minutes.

My verdict – I will prefer Hong Kong DisneyLand to Tokyo DisneySea cos we were able to cover the whole Hong Kong DisneyLand within a few hours and even played most of the attractions a few times. The queue was very short cos we were one of the first few customers. Narration was either in Mandarin or English which we could understand. 🙂

Boy is a little upset cos I forced him to eat ramen with me

Next, we went back to Shinjuku to have our late dinner. I insisted on having ramen cos I was getting a little sick to eat sushi for all our three meals.

Roast Pork Ramen

The ramen was really good cos we asked for the ramen to be extra rich. Yum! We finally have eaten something different in this trip! 😀

My boy’s tummy was not satisfied at all so we went to this sushi restaurant to eat.


If I am not wrong, I think this style of sushi is called Oshizushi, which uses a small wooden box to press the sushi into little rectangles.

Boy is happily deciding what to order

My boy’s tummy was still not satisfied so we went to another sushi restaurant to continue to eat.

We ate so much sushi that I think I was getting better in taking the photos of the sushi. Hehe! 😉

Don’t the sushi look so appetizing to you? 🙂

Tuna Roll

My boy was still hungry so he ordered two tuna roll to stuff himself cos he said tuna roll had more rice. Lol! So poor thing yet so cute.

I am going to end off this post with a video of the DisneySea’s fireworks. We didn’t manage to see the fireworks when we were at Hong Kong DisneyLand.

“Disney’s Fireworks” – I can finally strike this off from my “To-Do” list with my boy. Lovely memories! 🙂

You can also view our Day 1 and Day 2 holiday posts to Tokyo if you have missed it. 🙂

愛してる – Holidays in Tokyo (Day 2)

Tokyo, Japan


We woke up pretty late on our second day in Tokyo and left our hotel around 4pm. Our first stop was Shinjuku, which we took the complimentary hotel shuttle bus service there.

Neon Lights

One thing that I like about Japan is the neon signs which brings vibrancy and life to the streets.

We went to this sushi restaurant as recommended by the hotel’s concierge to have good and reasonably priced sushi.

My boy is happily deciding what to eat again 🙂
It is Sushi Time again! 🙂

We ordered two different types of set meals to share.

Regular Set
Deluxe Set

Take a look of the fat marbling of the fatty tuna sushi (O-toro 大とろ) in the deluxe set. O-toro is the most priced part of tuna and the fattiest portion of the tuna belly. The first mouthful was so mind-blowing and the fats just melt in my mouth. OMG. IT WAS SO SO SO SO DELICIOUS!!!


Our second stop was Shibuya.

Shibuya Crossing

Boy is standing in the middle of the road to take the photo. This is the famous intersection outside Shibuya Station, where all the traffic lights will turn red at the same time and you can cross at any direction.

Standing Sushi Bar

This is how the concept of Standing Sushi Bar looks like – A small cramped shop where diners have to stand at the counter to eat. The sushi is freshly prepared by the sushi chef on the spot. The sushi is pretty good and definitely nicer than conveyor belt sushi.

Just You & Me 🙂
So cute! 🙂

My boy was still feeling hungry so we went to this shop to find more things to eat. My boy has an amazingly huge appetite and he kept telling me that he was hungry during this trip. So cute! 🙂

I was really loaded with sushi but I continue to eat with him. 😉


We ordered sashimi and scallop. The scallop is so huge and fresh! I love scallops! 😀

“You wanna eat ice-cream?”

I love this photo soooo much cos my boy looks so cute here! Like a little boy! 🙂

Our last stop was Roppongi, which is famous for its nightlife. We rested a little while in Starbucks before searching for the best club to see-see-look-look.

Gaspanic Club

As recommended by the hotel’s concierge, Gaspanic Club is one of the most happening clubs in Tokyo. I was pretty disappointed when we entered Gaspanic Club cos the club is so freaking small! I am not a clubbing person but our clubs in Singapore definitely score better than the clubs here. We decided to search for a better place to chill so we walked throughout Roppongi but we came back to Gaspanic Club again cos the other clubs really can’t make it at all.

Chilling out 🙂
Botak ang mo looking for his “target”

Guess what I found for the descriptions about Gaspanic Club in Wikitravel.

Gaspanic. The best known of Roppongi’s many meat markets, where desperate gaijin men and desperate women hoping to score congregate. Nobody ever admits to going here, but it’s packed tighter than the lower circles of Hell on most weekends.

And..It is very TRUE! Anyway, the meaning of Gaijin is foreigner. For some reasons, I find that the women in the club are more desperate than the men. It is so different! In Singapore, women are usually the ones who shun away from the men. But over here, the men are the ones who shun away from the women. I do not know why but one thing for sure is Japanese girls are really pretty! If I am a man, I will marry a Japanese woman as my wife. So beautiful and demure!

Ang mo spotted again!

We got pretty bored so we headed to our favorite hang out place instead – Sushi restaurant!

I forgot to take photos of the sushi we had. Anyway, can you spot the caucasian lady in the background? She is sweetest caucasian I have ever met! She has cultivated the good virtues of the Japanese culture and she can speak Japanese so sweetly. I think women will become prettier and sweeter after staying in Japan for a period of time.

My boy is happy cos he has his sushi again! 🙂

– End of Day 2 –

愛してる – Holidays in Tokyo (Day 1)

Tokyo, Japan

Jason & Irene

We have been together close to 4 years and this is our 5th overseas trip together! Our previous trips include Bangkok, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Genting. And I thought it would be special to spend valentines in Tokyo together and have a well deserved break for the both of us. 🙂

If you have been to Tokyo for holidays, you will notice a very glaring mistake in the air tickets. I have made a mistake to purchase the flight to Narita instead of Haneda Airport. Instead of spending 1,200 yen (SGD20) per person on the bus ticket and an hour of traveling time to our hotel in Shinjuku, we spent 3,000 yen (SGD50) per person and it also took 2 hours to reach the hotel. Like oh-my-goodness? Lol!

Hilton Tokyo Hotel
View from our room

We stayed in Hilton Tokyo for the 5 nights – Convenient location, 10 minutes walk to Shinjuku JR station and less than 5 minutes walk to Tokyo metro station. The hotel also offer complimentary shuttle bus service to Shinjuku. Two thumbs up! 🙂

Kaminarimon ("Thunder Gate")

Our first stop was Asakusa.

Nakamise Shopping Arcade

Once through the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate), you will be in the Nakamise Shopping Arcade where you can find many traditional snacks and souvenirs.

We tried the amazake (甘酒), a sweet rice wine from this store. It tastes mildly sweet and a nice hot drink to have in this cold weather.

Grilled Rice Stick

A store selling fried manju with different types of fillings such as custard, sesame, green tea and pumpkin.

We had the manju with the sesame flavor and it was pretty nice.

Ice cream biscuit (Caramel flavor)

We didn’t really like the ice cream biscuit (caramel flavor). Too plain for our likings!

Hanzomon Gate

The Hanzomon Gate marks the end of street and you will also see the Sensoji Temple (浅草寺).

Sensoji Temple

Sensoji Temple is a very popular Buddhist temple and it is also the oldest temple in Tokyo.

Five Storied Pagoda

We were starting to get a little hungry after all the walking. My boy’s head turned when he passed by this stall cos he saw his favorite dish. Guess what was it?







I love scallops too! The scallops were so fresh! It was a good combination to cook it with butter cream sauce and black pepper. Yum yum!

Happy Boy! 🙂

Of cos, how can that amount of food we had satisfy our tummy? Our main purpose of coming to Japan is to stuff ourselves with loads of S.U.S.H.I!! Our heads turned together and had our focus on the same poster which is advertising on a sushi restaurant in Asakusa.

My boy is happily looking at the menu deciding what to eat.
Happy Us! 🙂

Both of us had this tuna set which comprises of red tuna, medium fatty tuna, fatty tuna, broiled fatty tuna and tuna roll. It was so so so so much better than the sushi in Singapore. I LOVE TUNA!!!!!! *Screams*

Salmon Sushi and Sea Urchin Sushi

And of cos, we continued to order more to satisfy our cravings. The sea urchin sushi tastes heavenly and the chef was very generous in the portion. SLURPS!

Various kinds of fish which I do not know to differentiate. Just order and eat! 😀

Abalone Sushi

The sushi chef took the live abalone from the tank and sliced it on the spot for us. Woah! SO FRESH! But.. I did not like it cos the abalone was hard to bite and very crunchy for some reasons.

Top-Quality Sea Eel Sushi

And more sushi! We ordered more than I have showed but our speed of eating is faster than my speed of taking the photos. Lol!

Our next stop was Ginza.You can find many high-end boutiques here in Ginza such as Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and etc.

*Love love* in the streets of Ginza
Us in Louis Vutton's boutique
Tokyo Tower

Our last stop was Tokyo Tower, which is a copycat of Eiffel Tower. It is so strikingly similar but smaller in size as compared to the Eiffel Tower. You can see the real Eiffel Tower in my travel post to Paris. I really love the romantic atmosphere surrounding Eiffel Tower.

I am sure one day we will get to Paris and see the real Eiffel Tower together…. Love You Boy…

-End of Day 1-