Weekend at Camden Market!

London, United Kingdom


I just came back from London few days ago and I spent my weekend at Camden Market. Camden Market is one of London’s most famous street markets, offering vintage stuff, street fashion, accessories, arts and crafts, etc. I have been to Portobello Market on my previous trip but I prefer Camden Market because it is so much more vibrant with many funky shops to see.

Me @ Camden Market
Spanish Paella

There are many food stalls at Camden Market and you should come with an empty stomach! I was feeling a little regret for having such a heavy lunch before coming here.

Fish & Chips

Many have told me to try the local fish & chips but I have not found a really good one.


I think Camden Market is good place to visit for newly married couples to find paintings and home accessories to decorate their new place.

Horse Tunnel Market




Donald & Jeannie

I tag along with Donald and Jeannie the whole day. They are very nice and lovely couple and Jeannie even offered me her daily lenses when I dropped mine in the hotel’s room. I felt like a “big light bulb” but I had a good time with their company.


I was trying to take a photo of this “House rule” but instead took a candid shot of Donald.




I like vintage camera and I own a Diana F+ but I dunno how to use it. Lol!





It was a lovely weekend spent at Camden Market. I will visit the other markets soon… 🙂

I was in London for the The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee!

London, United Kingdom

Crispy aromatic duck pancakes

This is my 4th time to London and I am really glad that I was in town for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I am so lucky! We touched down pretty late so I ordered room service for my dinner.

Aubaine Cafe

We went out for lunch together on the next day and I like the ambience of this cafe.

The waiter bought out a tray of desserts for us to choose from. If I have the capital, this will be the type of cafe that I want to set up in Singapore. Nice ambience, nice dessert and friendly waiters!

I chose this yummy strawberry cake. Yum yum..

Aubaine cafe is really a good place to chill and we chit chat for like 4 hours in this cafe.

Fortnum and Masons

I went to Fortnum and Masons alone to shop for tea leaves and honey.

This small packet of tea leaves is very expensive and it costs me 20 pounds (SGD40). I really like it when I smell the tea leaves. One of my favorite teas is TWG chamomile tea with honey. Chamomile tea has no caffeine, aid in sleep and also calm anxiety. You will love it too!

As I was going back to the metro station, I saw a huge crowd walking in the same direction. I think they should be going for the Queen’s celebration so I decided to join in the fun.

Reporting live at Hyde Park! Did anybody see me on TV? Lol!

The British really knows how to enjoy life! They bought their picnic mat, food and champagne to the park to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Finally found a good spot in Hyde Park to watch the Queen’s celebration live.

Robbie Williams!
Alfie Boe and Renee Fleming singing somewhere on Buckingham Palace’s balcony!
Elton John singing your song!

The Queen arrived halfway through the Jubilee’s concert to join the rest of her family members and the crowds roared with cheers. Prince Philip was unable to attend as he was admitted into the hospital for bladder inflection.

The 3 french ladies sitting beside me were very nice and they offered to help me take a photo. 🙂

Gary Barlow, the concert organizer leading the Queen on the stage.

Prince Charles paid a warm and emotional tribute onstage to his “mummy” the Queen.

You can see the Queen was delighted by the speech!! I love her smile!!

Prince Charles joked that Prince Philip might hear the Jubilee concert from his bed if the crowd shouted loud enough. I also joined in the crowd and chanted “Philip, Philip, Philip!” and you can see the Queen was moved by the overwhelming support for his husband.

The Queen lit the final fire beacon at the climax of the 3 hours concert.

And then, it was the spectacular firework display that marks the end of the concert.

Here is a short click of the firework display. What a wonderful and beautiful experience…

It was a nightmare to go back to my hotel. Caucasians are very tall and I felt suffocated when I was stuck in the human jam cos I am so petite. The nearest metro station Marble Arch was closed so I have to walk to the next station Bond Streets to take the metro back to my hotel. Cold weather. Hungry. Thirsty. Bladder almost burst. But it is so worth it! PRICELESS memories! This is really ONCE in a lifetime experience cos I do not know if I could live long enough to see the next Diamond Jubilee. And…Guess what? I am coming back to London again for Olympics next month! Woahhhhhh!!!

3 Days of Fun with Angelyn and Steph in London!

London, United Kingdom

Day 1

Angelyn & Steph in my hotel room!

This is my third time to London and the three of us finally had a chance to meet up together. Steph is studying fashion in University of the Arts London whereas Angelyn is having her one semester stint in University of Birmingham. I think I got addicted meeting up with friends overseas after meeting with Shinn in Lausanne. It is so cool and awesome! I would never imagine myself meeting with these girls overseas back in our poly school days.

Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant

We made our first stop to Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant for dinner! The two restaurants that serve really good roast duck in London is Four Seasons and Gold Mine. Some may even say these two restaurants serve the best roast duck in the world.

Steph, Angelyn and Me!

Please ignore the man in the background! He is not supposed to be in the photo! So KPO! Lol!

Char Siu (BBQ Pork)
Siu Yok/ Shao Rou (Roast Pork)

Steph had a little hard time recalling the name of the dish and she told us that it was the “brother of Char Siu“. The man beside our table was so kpo and added on in chinese, “叉烧兄弟“. HAHAHAHA!! *Laugh to death*

Hot & Sour Soup
Stir-Fried Vegetables
Goo Lou Yok (Sweet & Sour Pork)
Aromatic Duck Pancakes
Table full of food! Slurps!

Look at the amount of food that we have ordered! We got so carried away and ordered so much food that we couldn’t finish it at all. Damn shiok! I love chinese food! *Burps*

M&M's World!

Next stop was M&M’s World! 🙂


We tried this color mood game and Angelyn got Dark Pink. Dark Pink – You’re a  true friend and lots of people like  you. Is it because you share your M&M’s?

And my color mood is White! White – You may just be the kindest person to stand on that spot! Be good to yourself; have some chocolate!

Nice cup 🙂
National Gallery

Our next stop was to see the National Gallery.

About 5 more months to London Olympics! 🙂

Steph also brought us to the local club and the “smiley face” is the entrance chop.

The club was so empty! Haha!

The crowd finally came at the later part of the night but I felt I was like in Bollywood for some reasons.

Day 2

I met up with my colleagues for lunch on my second day in London. We had our lunch at Gold Mine Restaurant. That’s like our favorite joint, please! We always go there for lunch especially after our briefing! Ha! 😉

Soup of the Day - Pork Ribs Soup
Aromatic Duck Pancakes
Roast Duck
Soy Sauce Chicken
Table is full of food again! *Happy*

I would prefer Gold Mine Restaurant than Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant because Gold Mine Restaurant serve my favorite dish spinach and three eggs (steamed egg, century egg and salted egg). YUMS! Damn shiok again!

A huge turnout for makan! 🙂

After my lunch, I went to find Angelyn and Steph at Oxford streets for shopping! We had our dinner at Thai Square Restaurant which is located in Trafalgar Square. Angelyn had a huge craving for thai cuisine so Steph recommended this restaurant that serves thai cuisine in a fine-dining setting.

Angelyn with her Canon G12!
Three of us! 🙂
Pad Thai!

I had Pad Thai and it was pretty good! 🙂

Fried Wontons

We shared the fried wontons! 🙂

After our fulfilling thai dinner, we rushed to the Prince of Wales Theatre to catch the musical Mamma Mia!

I watched the movie about 4 years ago and I really love it! I love all the ABBA songs in the movie! This is also my very first musical experience!

This is how the theatre looks like..

We had the best seats and we were seated just right behind the conductor! We can see the facial expressions of all the actors and actresses! It was so awesome! Seeing the conductor in front of us playing the piano with so much enthusiasm was a great pleasure!

Me & Angelyn!
3 excited faces!

And……the worst case scenario happened for us. The musical had to stop halfway through because of some technical problems. So disappointed…There goes my first musical experience with the great company and our hard-to-get best seats. WHY!! 😦 We went back to the hotel and continued with the movie. I was very tired because of the time differences and I dozed off first. So…My Mamma Mia experience is still incomplete! 😦

Day 3

Three of us in my small hotel room!

We had so much fun bunking in my small and cramped hotel room for the 2 nights! I hope we can do this again soon! 🙂

2 hot babes!
Prince of Wales Theatre

We went back to Prince of Wales Theatre early in the morning to try to get our refunds back.

"The Feel-Good Factor Of A Greek Island Holiday"

I SO WANNA GO TO GREEK ISLAND FOR HOLIDAY! I am so envy of Steph! She is in Greece right now enjoying her 15 days vacation. I ALSO WANT!!

Fortnum and Mason

Angelyn brought me to Fortnum and Mason while Steph had to leave early for her project meeting. Fortnum & Mason is famed for its loose-leaf tea and they also supply to the royal family. With Angelyn’s high recommendation, I spent close to 100 pounds (SGD200) in this departmental store buying loose-leaf tea and stuff. I wish I had bought more because my boy’s mum loves it so much!


We had lunch at The Gallery restaurant in Fortnum and Mason.

I ordered tea!
Chicken breast with dunno what..
Duck Confit Pie

The lunch was pretty expensive and it was not up to my expectations at all. I seldom get to have really good western food overseas. It is not because I am a Chinese and I only eat chinese food and must have rice/noodles for all my meals. I just do not know why…


Our last stop was Harrods, a very famous luxury department store.

Steph, Me, Angelyn

It was really nice spending the 3 days together with Angelyn and Steph in London. Spending time overseas with friends is definitely nicer and different compared with acquaintances whom I have just met. It sure makes flying less lonely and I felt a little emotional when we had to part our ways. It is like I had to go back to face the reality before I reach Singapore. *Sobs* I hope to see you girls soon!

My First Trip of 2012 to London.. Part II

London, United Kingdom

I am going to rave about this Chinese restaurant that we visited on our second day in London. I really appreciate it when I can have authentic Asian food in European countries.  I do not believe in the combination of eastern and western way of cooking because most of the time, they serve you crappy food that taste really weird.

Roast Duck
Roast Meat
Steamed Eggs
I love to have my table full of food! 🙂

I am really touched to have such great and delicious Chinese cuisine and even more so to have my food served pipping hot in this chilling weather.

Here is the restaurant’s details:

Gold Mine Restaurant
02 Queensway
W2 3RR.

You can alight at Bayswater Station and is within walking distance to the restaurant from the station. The total bill comes up to about 84 pounds for the 7 of us which is only 12 pounds per person. An affordable and very satisfactory meal! Two thumbs up! 🙂

After our lunch, a few of us went to visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson lived at 221b Baker Street and here we are in the house at the real address. You can alight at Baker Street station and it is approximately 5 minutes walk to the museum. Admission is 6 pounds per person.

If you’re wondering if Sherlock Holmes was a real person, he was a fictional detective created by the author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I will wish that Sherlock Holmes was a real person cos he was a brilliant genius in the story!

Here are the photos of the interior of the house..

Detective Sherlock Holmes's toolbox?

The room of Sherlock Holmes

Detective Irene in deep thoughts
Detective Irene investigating the crime scenes
Detective Irene is happy because she solved the case

The souvenir store was right beside the museum and here are some of the photos that I took.

And as we walked out of the museum, we saw the London Bus with the advertisement on the movie Sherlock Holmes! Wow! How coincidental!

The movie advertisement poster is also found in the tube station!

Have you catch the second installment of Sherlock Holmes yet? I hope I could catch it soon. 🙂

My First Trip of 2012 to London.. Part I

London, United Kingdom

My First Trip of 2012 to London..

Oh… London… London… Lovely London…

This is my second time to London and I really love this city. Firstly, it is very easy to explore this city with the extensive underground tube network. Secondly, there are so many great places to visit that make you fall in love with London again and again.

Buckingham Palace

If you can remember the footage from the Royal Wedding, this is the very place where Prince William and Kate kissed twice on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. So sweet…

Windsor Castle

Next, we went to Windsor Castle. It was an impromptu visit to Windsor Castle as we happened to walk past a poster about Windsor Castle outside the Buckingham Palace. It was raining heavily so we decided to visit Windsor Castle instead of sticking on to our planned route and get drenched.

Windsor Castle is the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world and is one of the official residences of the Queen. I wish I could show you the interior of the Castle and not only the exterior but photography is not permitted. I have never been a artsy-fartsy person but I gape in awe at the Royal Collection that was displayed.

St George's Chapel

St George’s Chapel is a place of worship at Windsor Castle and the resting places of many Kings and Queens. It is one of the finest examples of gothic architecture in the United Kingdom. The interior of the building is really magnificent and beautiful but I can’t show you any pictures because photography is also not permitted in this area.

My great companion for the trip 🙂
The Guard and Me
Close up view of the Guard

Gosh.. The guard is so freaking young! He is just a young and handsome little boy. Can you believe that this little boy is standing there and not moving for the whole day? I think I am even older than him. Maybe this is his holiday part-time job? Lol!

London Eye

We went back to our originally planned route to see the London Eye and other attractions around the area.

Beautiful lights up! I took the London Eye on my first trip here and it was really breathtaking. An amazing feat for someone like me who is so scared of heights! I have not tried taking Singapore’s Flyer though.

Big Ben
Westminster Abbey

And…This was how we spent our Day 1 in London and stay tuned folks for Part II. 🙂